Date Night

Date your spouse

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase. It’s a common phrase now a days to remind us that we need to continue to grow our relationship with our spouse. Life can get extremely busy whether it be with kids, activities, friends, family events, or job changes. Life gets crazy. Some days we come home from work with barely enough energy to eat dinner (or in my case breakfast :)) before crashing on the bed for the night. It’s the days that push us to our limits as parents, employees, and people that remind us why we need to take a break from everything and have a night off!

Now, some of you are probably wondering, what kind of advice can this lady give me?? She’s not even married yet! You’re right, I’m not married yet. However, Shawn and I have been together for almost 4 years, and have brought a wonderful little girl into this world. While, we did not plan on being parents so early into our dating life, it has made us focus more on learning and growing with one another, while we raise our daughter together. I mean lets face it we wing parenting about 90% of the time. We learn as we go. Becoming parents changes you. You focus more on them than you do yourself, you would give your right kidney if it meant your child could follow their dreams. Everything you’ve ever known about yourself goes out the window, you become a new person. You find qualities and quirks you never knew you had. You change. Your spouse changes. Your marriage changes. Your life changes. Your once simple life becomes a hurricane.

There is one rule when you date your spouse: NO talking about the kids, finances or other household responsibilities!!

I know, I know it’s a hard rule to follow. We want to tell everyone what Jimmy said today to Grandma, or that Emily is doing great in dance, or how we are going to save for this vacation while paying of this debt. But DON’T DO IT! Talk about yourself, talk about each other, talk about anything other than your kids and other household responsibilities. This time is for you to reconnect, to take a break from the world of parenting, to rekindle the love between the two of you.

So go. Go on that date with your spouse. Find a family member, a friend, or a sitter to come and watch your kids a few hours. Get dressed up, got out to dinner, talk, and listen to your spouse. Your kids will survive. Take the time to focus on your marriage, and you will be a better parent, employee and person because of it.