Journey to the Unknown

At the end of February Shawn drove over 20 hours down to Arizona to begin his schooling to become a pilot. As a family, we decided it would be best for the girls and I to stay in Iowa where I had a steady job as well as the support of family and friends. We all embarked on this journey together but apart.

Well, here we are about 5 months in and the unknown of everything is still very much present. We know the steps Shawn has to take; finish school, become an instructor for at least 2 years to build hours, get hired at a regional airline for 2-7 years and then hopefully get hired at a major airline. But where will we live, raise our family, and call home? Its all unknown. Its stressful, yet exciting. Moving across the country, finding a home, enrolling Aliyah in school (whatever that may be) gives me anxiety. We have no idea where we will be living and probably won’t know until the day Shawn is done (mid to late August). We could then not be moving for another 1-2 weeks depending on Shawn’s orientation to his new facility. The unknown is hard. Very hard.

It’s hard to raise two little humans by yourself when you’re used to help walking through the door at five to give you a slight break. Its hard to home school during a pandemic with a 5 year old who has the attention span of a dog chasing a ball. It’s hard to put your house on the market alone, to keep it clean with two kids 5 and under for showings. Don’t forget the cat that has to leave the house as well for showings. It’s hard to pack up your whole house by yourself, yet rely on family to help move things out. It’s hard to go to work every weekend to support our family. Its hard to rely on others to care for my children. Its hard to get time to myself. Its hard as an adult with a family of her own to move back in with her parents (who so graciously opened their doors). It’s hard to be away from your spouse for 6 months and not feel slight resentment towards them with only school to focus on. It’s hard to be climbed all over all day and be touched out by 10am. It’s just hard. It’s harder than I imagined it being.

As hard as it’s been, I feel fortunate to have family that is more than willing to help me with my children. It absolutely does take a village. I have grown a fond appreciation for single parents. You never know what life is like for them until walking in their footsteps. I am fortunate that my husband isn’t in another country fighting a battle that could kill him. I have the upmost respect and gratitude for military families. I have found strength inside me I didn’t know existed. I have become a better mother and overall person with better listening skills, more patience and more love to give. I feel fortunate that my husband and I are able and willing to sacrifice months of our “normalcy” for him to pursue his career change. I’m fortunate that I have a well paying job that can support the four of us while Shawn is in school and unable to work. I am fortunate that my husband is so passionate about becoming a pilot, that he is willing to sacrifice months of time without his family to get there. I am fortunate to have friends willing to drag me out of the house to get some “me” time away from my children. I am fortunate to know(hope) that in five years from now, these six months will feel like nothing, and all the sacrifices we have taken will be worth it. I am fortunate that my kids will grow up knowing what it takes to follow your dreams, and those that love you will always be your biggest supporter. I am also fortunate that my kids are young and resilient and may not even remember these six months when their dad was gone.

This journey thus far has been hard, stressful, frustrating, exciting, eye opening, and incredible. It is just the start of our adventure in the aviation industry and we have no idea where it will lead us, but we are up for the challenge despite the road blocks that may appear.

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