Family of Four

Hey everyone!

So sorry I’ve been gone for a while, life decided to get really busy. I’ll catch you up real quick!

-Last October Shawn and I got married and went to Australia for our honeymoon.

-We found out we were expecting our second child in November of last year

-We celebrated our daughters 3rd birthday! (How did that happen?!)

-We decided we wanted a deck and built it ourselves, (well my husband did)

-Our basement flooded, and we had to replace the whole flooring, which my husband did as well.

-We welcomed our second child, miss Cora Eileen on July 2nd!

It has been quite the ride we’ve been on, but now we are adjusting to a family of four and life with two kids.

The transition from one kid to two kids surprisingly has not been that bad at all. I was super nervous before Cora was born on how we would handle this transition, especially my 3 year old, Aliyah. But the day Aliyah walked into the hospital room to meet her sister, all my fears went away. Aliyah was so happy and in awe of meeting her little sister and immediately wanted to hold her. It was the sweetest moment and of course it gave me all the feels. But we still had to make it home and get into a routine with a new baby (which we all know can be overwhelming in itself)

However, being home went so smooth I had to pinch myself a couple of times that this was actually happening and not just hoping this is how it would go. My recovery was pretty easy other than moving slowly and only lifting sweet Cora for the first couple of weeks. Aliyah was still doting on her baby sister and wanting to hold her and talk to her. Shawn was home for the first two weeks, which was wonderful. Shawn and Aliyah played together all day as I fed and took care of Cora. Shoot, we were crushing this two kid life!

Then Shawn went back to work, and of course we had a doctors appointment that morning, and go figure we were late (whoops!) It was a lot harder to get out of the house with two kids by yourself than I anticipated. But as the weeks went on things got better and better. Here we are 7 weeks after Cora was born and life as a family of four is going well……. so far.

What tips and tricks do you have for transitioning from one kid to two?